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Pennsylvania Supreme Court hears argument on medical marijuana restrictions for probationerss argument on medical marijuana restrictions for probationers



An attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania on Tuesday asked the state Supreme Court to declare illegal a policy in Lebanon County courts that prohibits people on probation from using medical marijuana.

The argument, on behalf of three probationers there, comes about nine months after Lebanon County Probation Services implemented the policy prohibiting the active use of medical marijuana, even with a properly obtained medical marijuana card.

Under the policy dated Sept. 1, the court system gave probationers 30 days to stop the use of medical marijuana or be subject to violating the conditions of their release.

The ACLU filed a King’s Bench request with the state Supreme Court to quickly take up the case, and Lebanon County was enjoined from enforcing the policy while it is pending.

The court’s decision could have an impact on the rest of the state. According to the ACLU complaint, several other counties have implemented or are considering similar policies, including Lycoming, Jefferson, Elk, Forest, Potter, Indiana and Northampton.

The court systems in Allegheny, Philadelphia and Centre counties allow people on supervised release to use medical marijuana, the complaint said. [Read more at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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