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Marijuana vending machines coming to Massachusetts



A new kind of vending machine is coming to Massachusetts — a self-checkout kiosk for cannabis dispensaries.

Boston-based anna, which also has a presence in Colorado, announced this week that it would deploy its self-checkout products in two Colorado dispensaries this week. The company is expected to launch in Massachusetts in September, deploying 14 units across the two states within the next eight weeks.

Further rollouts are anticipated in Nevada, California and Canada.

With anna’s devices, customers can browse in-store using the touchscreen interface or use online ordering by scanning their QR code upon arrival, keeping the checkout process to less than a minute.

According to a demo on the company’s website, local agents are tasked with verifying customer’s ages through their driver’s licenses, and approving payment before orders can be processed.

“It’s about getting customers through faster with less contact,” CEO Matt Frost said.

According to the company, the service allows dispensaries and CBD retailers to service additional customers while adhering to today’s social distancing guidelines. While anna has been in development for nearly three years, Frost said the importance of social distancing regulations has increased the need for the company’s product. [Read more at MassLive]

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